Ketogenic Living 101: Eat Fat to Burn Fat 

Are you struggling with weight loss, disease, and/or depression? Are you tired of feeling tired and mentally foggy? If you're ready to LOOK, FEEL and DO good, let's work together to make simple, delicious changes and give you an abundently fit and fat-fuled life!

In order to make a lifestyle change, we must do the following:

  • Calculate your macronutrients and track your daily intake
  • Incorporate a fitness routine that includes burst training and weights
  • Simplify, plan and prep your weekly meals
  • Educate and empower you to transform this "diet" into a lifestyle

I know how frustrating yo-yo dieting is; to do so well for a period of time before falling off the wagon, and struggling to get back on. Despite having the best intentions, sugar and carb cravings take over and the scale starts moving in the wrong direction. With the holiday season upon us, there will likely come a point of utter frustration and discouragement when clothes fit too tightly. It’s hard to fake a smile when we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin. 

You have probably tried portion-controlled eating, counting “points”, and possibly even starvation, but none of those attempts were sustainable. Sugar and carbohydrates are a main staple in the Standard American Diet, and let’s face it: a carrot won’t satisfy your sweet tooth the way a cookie will. And when the carrot fails your sugar fix, it’s diet be damned! Enter emotional eating and food guilt. But not anymore! I’ve got a six-week ketogenic lifestyle program that will improve your overall fitness, keep you full, and break that sugar and carb addiction for good! This program includes personal coaching, group accountability and support, cutting edge nutrition, and burst fitness training to help you look and feel your best.

I know you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a 30-day supply of products and/or programs that don’t offer customized, long-term solutions, or 1:1 support. For less than $200 you will receive a six-week fitness and nutrition lifestyle makeover, including personal support, recipes, fitness programs for the home and/or gym, a guidebook, and personal coaching. In just six weeks you will break old bad habits, feel a surge of sustainable energy, lose weight, and feel better than you have ever felt while eating the most delicious, whole food meals that have ever touched your taste buds. Let’s remove the risk: I offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with this program and our time together.

Now is the time to stop making excuses and start making real progress. It's your time to look and FEEL your best! Reserve your spot for our June 19th group today! Don’t wait! Spots are limited, so reserve yours now!


My mission is to help you FEEL and FIT better in your clothes, achieve sustained energy throughout the day, and create a sustainable fit and fat-fueled lifestyle. I am offering cutting edge nutrition strategies with easy recipe suggestions and grocery shopping guidance, along with a fitness program designed to help you burn fat while building muscle. In addition to fat loss, expect to see an increase in energy, overcome cravings, enhace your mood, and much more!

This 6-week fitness and nutrition program will begin on Monday, June 19th!

Client Testimonials 

In the first week alone I lost 6.5 pounds! I can't thank you enough for your support and guidance. I am finally able to overcome my sweet tooth! 

L.S., Hospitality Industry

Kate was super helpful, and made eating keto so easy. She had a substitute for everything, and always answered my questions quickly. I would recommend Kate to help with any program you choose. She truly wanted you to succeed and was willing to stop at nothing to make sure it happened!

L.K., Full Time Employee and Mom of Two

Kate made it so easy, especially for someone new to the ketogenic diet. She also provided exercise motivation through daily posts and live video. I really liked that whenever I had a question, she was quick to respond. It was like my very own personal health coach available to me 24/7!

S.K., Entrepreneur and Mom of Two

If you are ready to commit to this 6-week program, register below! Your satisfaction is my guarantee or your money back.